1W2R offer dividers for office system designed to fit in almost any open space environment and not be confined or anchored to the wall.

1W2R is only made from premium furniture and provides unique solutions between the people, and their work environments. Dividers for office give employees the privacy to complete the day’s work. Our dividers for office can help strike that balance among your employees where they have their own space, while not feeling isolated. 1W2R dividers for office can separate one room into smaller rooms without the need to attach to the existing property.

Some office environments require our temporary wall divider that comes standard 8’ tall rather than a cubicle that is usually between 4’-5’ tall. With the temporary wall divider we offer sound reduction, different color finishes from a hard surface to a fabric surface. With the temporary wall divider you can also make individual work stations for your employees, or a room for private meetings. These temporary wall dividers are easily installed and will give your business a professional look.

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Commercial partition walls are all designed to quickly and efficiently divide commercial spaces.

Our commercial partition walls cannot achieve the same acoustical performance as a standard constructed wall partition, but are less expensive and effective at quickly dividing a room. Commercial partition walls are the economical choice when you need to keep pace with changing space requirements.

Portable room dividers are designed to save you time, money and gives you the stability of quality materials and the economy of easily reconfigurable work spaces. 1W2R portable room dividers guarantee extreme flexibility and easy installation. The portable room dividers flexibility is to ensure over time because the original layout is adaptable.

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Our Quality

From materials to craftsmanship the quality of our custom room dividers in NYC is second to none. Our skilled installers have over 25 years of experience.


At 1W2R we are committed to your satisfaction. We go above and beyond for our clients coming up with creative solutions to work with your budget and timeframes to deliver an amazing final product.

90 Day Warranty

All custom room dividers in NYC come with a 90 day service warranty. It paramount that our clients feel amazing about our service, so if there are any issues we’ll repair it free of charge.